The forWURD Movement is your way to protect and preserve Independent Black Media. 

As the only Black-owned talk radio station in Pennsylvania, we know that it’s more important than ever to have a place where we can speak and be heard in our own voice. We are living in a time of continued media consolidation, when local media companies nationwide are struggling to survive, and racial polarization is on the rise. That is why it’s critical and urgent that we strengthen independent media — so we can tell our own stories, every day.

Over the past several years, the forWURD membership initiative has allowed us to continue to grow. In 2017, we expanded our radio reach to the FM dial so we now broadcast in Philadelphia on both 900AM and 96.1FM – thanks to your support. Our listenership is worldwide thanks to the free WURD App – and your membership. We have expanded our community outreach through additional events, social media and most recently, the addition of WURD TV. And we can now boast of truly being a multimedia organization where we create original audio (podcasts) and video on a daily basis – thanks to your membership.

Please help us continue to grow so we can better serve our community. 

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